Big Urban Wildlife Watch 2011

Join in and Help put Norfolk’s urban wildlife on the map!

Over the 24 hours from 12 noon on Saturday 4th June to 12 noon on Sunday 5th June hundreds of people helped in recording wildlife in Norwich, Thetford, King’s Lynn and Great Yarmouth.  Over 1000 records were received, with a TOTAL of OVER 700 SPECIES RECORDED.


*******Although the 24 hour event has now finished you can still send us your urban wildlife sightings - see below for details about submitting your sightings online and links to the online forms.*********


 The easiest way to send us information about wildlife you have seen is via our online form.
Please select one of the three options below to send us your record:

 Click here if you have seen 1 type of animal or plant, e.g. "I have seen 1 fox today" or "I have seen 4 foxes today"


 Click here if you have seen more than 1 type of animal or plant, e.g. "I have seen 2 foxes and 1 Green woodpecker today" or "I have seen 1 fox and 1 green woodpecker today"


 Click here if you have a large list (say 20 or more) of animals or plants that you have seen, e.g. "I have seen 25 different species of animal and plants today"



Whether it’s a hedgehog in your garden, an urban fox crossing the road, or a house sparrow, squirrel or dandelion in an urban park, your record is important. Urban areas can support amazing wildlife but we know surprisingly little about Norfolk’s urban wildlife. Your help can change that!

Please download the leaflet for more information, the list of events that took place and the recording form: Big Urban Wildlife Watch leaflet PDF.

You can also download a recording form separately here: Recording form.