Rubus armeniacus (Giant Blackberry) - July

Have you seen Rubus armeniacus (A bramble known as 'Giant Blackberry', ‘Theodore Reimers’  or ‘Himalayan Giant’) this month?

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We are also looking out for Rubus armeniacus (A bramble known as ‘Giant Blackberry’!

This bramble seems to be pretty invasive (from Armenia via cultivation in USA and UK gardens as ‘Theodore Reimers’  or ‘Himalayan Giant’), swamping native vegetation (other brambles in particular). It seems to be creeping into every corner of the countryside, as despite its size and distinctive features (outlined below) it may be overlooked as just another bramble.


Key features:

  • Huge. Bushes to 8-10 feet tall forming extensive patches
  • Leaves large too (to 20-30cm across), digitate, white and furry beneath
  • Primocanes (non-flowering stems) deeply furrowed, almost hairless
  • Flowers pink in large inflorescences
  • Fruit large and tasty  

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Photo credit: All photos courtesy of and © Alex Prendergast