Norfolk Species Surveillance Network

NBIS needs you!

Norfolk Species Surveillance Network 


NBIS are continuing to develop their Multi-taxon species monitoring initiative known as the Norfolk Species Surveillance Network (NSSN), launched in 2013.

We are expanding this network and the recording levels on them, hence needing as many people as possible to volunteer to monitor species change across Norfolk.  We are looking for individuals or local parish/conservation groups to get involved.  No previous experience of the methodology is necessary, just a passion for wildlife.

Each volunteer/group will adopt an important local site for wildlife; either from our list of sites or a site of their own, if they have landowner permissions.  They will be expected to visit the site several times throughout the year and record as many or as few wildlife groups as they can.  Some species groups are typically under recorded and we would like to target these.

We will provide equipment, support and training in the methods.

Develop your ID skills with wildlife identification training days for specific species groups, running throughout the summer to boost your skills and confidence


NBIS took part in a Defra funded pilot study that aimed to establish a volunteer species surveillance network across Norfolk, working with the existing recording network; we are now building on this and expanding the network in 2014 and 2015.
In 2013 we focused on the following under-recorded groups and in 2014/2015 would like to continue this focus, but we are open to individual/groups recording other species groups too:
Bryophytes (mosses and liverworts)
Vascular plants
Hymenoptera (bees and wasps)
Day-flying moths


In 2013 our network of reference sites in the county covered the following habitats:

Acid grassland and heathland
Calcareous grassland
Arable field margins

We would still prefer you to record from these sites, but we are also happy for you to record on other habitat sites, as long as you have landowner permissions.



If you are interested in joining the Norfolk Species Surveillance Network please complete the Volunteer Form, and Sign up to Volunteer for the Norfolk Species Surveillance Network [Remember to consider where you would like to record. We have a selection of References Sites across Norfolk we are looking to have recorders for, alternatively you may wish to monitor a site of your own]

Download the Norfolk Species Surveillance Network Handbook here - This guide is designed to provide the necessary information to undertake species surveys as part of the NBIS species surveillance initiative.  Detailed methods sheets and links to ID resources can be found within the resources section, once you have signed-up and logged in below.

Download the "Towards a volunteer species surveillance network for Norfolk" flyer here



To submit records, site information and environmental data for this project, please login and then return to this page and click the second button to go to the record submission page.  If already logged in, go straight to the record submission page: