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Photo: Mistletoe © Mike Dawson

Mistletoe Survey

Mistletoe (Viscum album) is the classic evergreen with white berries and is most easily seen in the winter months, when trees are bare. The plant has been, and still is to many, a symbol of new life and the approaching spring. Mistletoe forms rounded clumps often high in a tree canopy. Most records in Norfolk are of mistletoe growing on lime trees, but it has also been recorded on poplar, apple, almond, hawthorn, field maple and willow.
In 2007 Norfolk Wildlife Trust ran a mistletoe survey to map the distribution of this plant in the county. We now want to re-run this survey and compare the results to those in 2007.  So please get out and about, recording this beautiful species and report your sightings here:


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Photo: Mistletoe © Mike Dawson