Data enquiries

Update (13/01/2021):
Unfortunately, due to high service demand and the extra caring responsibilities of staff at this time, response times to enquiries may be slower than usual. We are still committed to meeting the East of England Standard Service of providing enquiry results within ten working days. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and thank you for your patience.

NBIS can provide an environmental data search of any area in Norfolk. We hold data on protected sites, species and habitats, and offer a flexible service, providing the data you need in the format most useful for you. We are an ALERC accredited records centre, having demonstrated that we provide a good service to our data users and providers.

In order for us to complete your data search you will need to fill in a Data Request Form and email to Signing this form indicates that you agree to our Terms and Conditions. We will acknowledge your request, quote for the search and will aim to provide data within 5 working days of receiving your approval to go ahead.


Where charges are made they are for the time taken to collate, process and analyse the data rather than for the information itself.

Table of charges
 Single Site  Citation  Single local sites citation pdf  £30
 Small  Single species search or 500m radius search  £75
 Standard  Standard 1km or 2km search  £120
 Large  Includes a species search of over 5km radius  £240
 Day Rate  Rate for project work  £300
 Bulk Buy  Ten data searches purchased in advance  £960








Tailored Service Level Agreements are available on request

All search charges are at the discretion of NBIS staff and will be agreed before the search proceeds.
All charges are exclusive of VAT

There is usually no charge for non-commercial enquiries. Searches for private individuals relating to planning are regarded as commercial searches.

For full details of charges above please see our Charging Policy

NBIS also requests that, wherever possible, any biological records collected by the enquirer during environmental surveys within Norfolk are supplied free of charge to NBIS. We understand that certain reports are confidential, but are in urgent need of recent data in order to maintain and improve our high quality datasets.
Any record you submit, once verified, will be integrated into the NBIS database and used as part of our day-to-day work. By submitting your record to us you are agreeing to it being used in this way and for us to act as custodian of that record. Please contact us if you require further details.

To submit your records you can use our online recording system (returning soon) or send them by email using our Recording Spreadsheet.


  • For further information about the species and site data held by NBIS, please see our Metadata Statement
  • For more detailed information on the currency and resolution of records held by NBIS, broken down by taxonomic group, click here.
  • For a summary list of datasets held by NBIS please click here. Please note that our data holdings are updated more frequently than this list.



From 31st March 2011 the six* Local Environmental Records Centres in the East of England region will provide, as a minimum, an agreed Standard Data Enquiry Service to environmental consultants. This service was drawn up in consultation with consultants, the Local Environmental Records Centres and Natural England. For a summary of the Regional Standard Data Enquiry Service click here.

The data enquiry service offered by NBIS is slightly more comprehensive than the Regional Standard and details of it can be found on our Data Request Form

* Bedfordshire & Luton Biological Recording and Monitoring Centre; Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Environmental Records Centre; Essex Wildlife Trust Records Centre; Hertfordshire Environmental Records Centre; Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service and Suffolk Biological Records Centre.