Submitting your records

NBIS actively encourages the recording of wildlife and is always interested in receiving additional records.  Even records of species that are common and widespread are of use, as there are many places within our area for which we hold few or no records.

It is possible to make useful records with no specialist knowledge.  If you are unsure of your identification please let us know and we will put you in touch with a local expert who will be able to help; OR you maybe able to work out what it is through the ISPOT online community; OR you can send us a photo and we can help you identify the species (or put you in touch with a local expert who can).

***Please note that if you are still really not sure of your identification of a wildlife sighting, it is best to be safe and not record it***

 There are also many chances to get involved in wildlife recording, by taking part in a wildlife survey and sending your records to us.
Any record you submit, once verified, will be integrated into the NBIS database and used as part of our day-to-day work. By submitting your record to us you are agreeing to it being used in this way and for us to act as custodian of that record. Please contact us if you require further details. For more details about the information we collect about you please see our privacy policy. With the exception of record verification you can opt out of further correspondence from us by emailing us.



Further information that may be of interest:



Photo: Common seal (G. Cresswell)