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We would like to inform you that over the Christmas period the NBIS office will be closed from Wednesday 20th of December 2017. We will be open again on Monday 8th January 2018.

 We will get back to you regarding you enquiry as soon as possible on our return.


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A collection of interesting biodiversity news from November (01/11/17)

House in the middle of M62 motorway to be transformed into 'wildlife haven'

EU ban on bird imports sees 'massive' cuts in global trade            

How does a red squirrel cross the road? One French local authority thinks it has the answer

Galapagos finches caught in act of becoming new species            

Blue Planet is back! Here are 10 amazing facts about Norfolk nature

Giant lizards are thriving on Borneo's oil palm plantation

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A collection of interesting biodiversity news from October (01/10/17)


More acidic oceans 'will affect all sea life'                                      


Youngsters go Wild About Norfolk                                        

Core! Sun shines as Gressenhall Apple Day combines taste of autumn with the weather of summer

Shocking blue: spotting kingfishers with the Essex Wildlife Trust

Bird deaths: Pheasants 'most likely species' to die on UK roads    

‘Wildlife selfies’ aren’t cute. They encourage cruelty and animal suffering

How tourism can safeguard African wildlife

Tasmanian shy albatross embrace artificial nests in bid to boost population

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