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The Winter E-Bulletin ("Biodiversity News in Norfolk"): available to DOWNLOAD NOW (24/10/16)

Download and read no. 60 here. 

A collection of interesting biodiversity news from November (24/11/16)

Emerging masterplan for the Broads will focus on protecting the waterways ‘special qualities’ after Brexit

Tarantulas, scorpions and centipedes - thousands of insects could go on display if Norfolk insect zoo dream becomes a reality

Happy Halloween for tiny long-eared bat trapped in King’s Lynn house

Shark detection buoys set for trial in New South Wales

'Bionic' plants can detect explosives

DNA clues to how chipmunk earned its stripes

Two-headed sharks are becoming more common and no one knows why

Rise in atmospheric CO2 slowed by green vegetation

Climate change is changing nature so much it may need ‘human-assisted evolution’, scientists say

Bear with tin can stuck in its mouth 'a litter warning'

BP Deepwater Horizon oil in land-animal food chain

Climate changing "too fast" for species

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The October E-Bulletin ("Biodiversity News in Norfolk"): available to DOWNLOAD NOW (24/10/16)

Download and read no. 59 here. 


A collection of interesting biodiversity news from October (24/10/16)

Ducks go from ‘drab’ to ‘fab’ at Norfolk reserve
World famous bird trainer is coming to Fakenham
Record low number of British butterflies a 'shock and a mystery'
Swallows have taken their leave and the sky seems empty
New data shows 'staggering' extent of great ape trade
Romania bans trophy hunting of brown bears, wolves, lynx and wild cats
Virus stole poison genes from black widow spider
Spiders can 'tune' their webs to sound out plucky potential mates
Fossil sheds light on evolution of birdsong
Snow leopards: Numbers decline due to 'retaliation'
Does pinkies’ arrival herald a cold winter ahead in Norfolk?
Monkeys 'throw spanner' in our understanding of human evolution by accidentally making tools
Wild chimps filmed teaching their children how to use tools for first time
Rare birds thriving on Scilly Isles after scheme rids islands of rats
Foreign invaders infiltrate Britain’s ancient woodlands
Inner-city London children learn life lessons from the Norfolk countryside
Great Barrier Reef scores D for health for fifth year in a row
Tide causes beach shelves from Gorleston to Scratby
Dolphin pictured killing porpoise by flipping it into air
On the line: call for Danish anglers to help catch escaped trout
The real Sharknado: how sharks deal with extreme weather