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Norfolk Non-native Species Initiative Call For Data

The Norfolk Non-native Species Initiative (NNNSI) is issuing a call for data on freshwater invasive species. These data will help inform freshwater Biosecurity Plans for the western catchments of Norfolk and Suffolk, including sections of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. New records will also be added to the NBIS database.

For more information including a list of priority species and how to submit your records please click here

Alongside the call for data, NNNSI are also running a survey on invasive non-native species. If you have 10 minutes to spare, the survey is available at

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The March E-Bulletin ("Biodiversity News in Norfolk"): available to DOWNLOAD NOW (23/03/16)

Download and read no. 52 here. 


A collection of interesting biodiversity news from Mar (23/03/16)

UK Illegally collected Himalayan plant seeds sold in UK. BBC Environment 2 Mar 2016 Trend for owning beehives in London bad for insects and birds, say researchers. The Independent 2 Mar 2016 Scientists given £1m grant to research killer oak tree disease. The Telegraph 11 Mar 2016 Europe's rarest seabird 'faces extinction'. BBC Environment 12 Mar 2016 Campaign urging duck-feeders to ditch bread has seen 20 per cent fall in the bad habit. The Telegraph 13 Mar 2016 Gardeners urged to rally to the defence of the butterfly. The Telegraph 14 Mar 2016 Europe's first redwood forest planted at Eden Project. The Guardian 14 Mar 2016 Pigeon Air Patrol takes to the skies over London to monitor air polluntion levels. The Independent 15 Mar 2016 Spring has sprung weeks early after UK's third-warmest winter. The Telegraph 21 Mar 2016 Small copper butterfly in 'inexorable decline' according to survey. The Guardian 22 Mar 2016

WORLD - TERRESTRIAL Rare 'superbloom' blankets Death Valley in millions of yellow wildflowers. The Guardian 25 Feb 2016 Million-year-old lizard species discovered on remote Pacific island. The Telegraph 25 Feb 2016 18 elephants to be flown to US zoos as drought puts pressure on Swaziland wildlife. The Guardian 26 Feb 2016 Monarch butterfly migration to Mexico jumps after years of decline. The Guardian 26 Feb 2016 The all-female patrol stopping South Africa's rhino poachers. The Guardian 26 Feb 2016 Olm eggs: Tense wait for baby Slovenian 'dragons'. BBC Environment 29 Feb 2016 Scientists find new weapon in fight against deadly amphibian fungus. The Guardian 29 Feb 2016 No kiddin': Oregon goats on a mission to deplete invasive species go rogue. The Guardian 29 Feb 2016 African elephants 'killed faster than they are being born'. The Guardian 3 Mar 2016 The owl man: saving the incredible bird you've probably never heard of. The Guardian 3 Mar 2016 Orangutan population up but threats remain. BBC Environment 4 Mar 2016 Przewalkski's horse brought back home to Russia's wild grasslands. The Independent 7 Mar 2016 Village teams together overnight to save terrified elephant trapped down a well. The Telegraph 8 Mar 2016 Louisiana black bear removed from endangered species list. The Guardian 10 Mar 2016 Shipping companies join Prince William bid to shut wildlife trafficking routes. The Guardian 15 Mar 2016  White storks swap migration for a junk food diet at rubbish tips. The Guardian 16 Mar 2016

WORLD - MARINE Ghost-like 'Caspar' octopod dicovered. BBC News 5 Mar 2016 New species of crustacean named after Elton John. The Telegraph 15 Mar 2016 Southern right whale recovery in doubt after being on brink of extinction. The Guardian 16 Mar 2016

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The February E-Bulletin ("Biodiversity News in Norfolk"): available to DOWNLOAD NOW (26/02/16)

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A collection of interesting biodiversity news from Feb (26/02/16)

UK Mild winter means lower numbers for annual garden bird count, RSPB warns. The Guardian 29 Jan 2016 Female bamboo shark is due for virgin birth at sea life centre in UK. The Guardian 9 Feb 2016 Concerns raised over number of children not engaging with nature. The Guardian 10 Feb 2016 Home of UK 'patron saint of conservation' opening to public. The Guardian 10 Feb 2016 Toxic chemicals found in beached pilot whales in Scotland. The Guardian 11 Feb 2016 Nature notes: horrid discovery in Plymouth. The Telegraph 11 Feb 2016 Bird population on Scilly Isles recovers after islands are declared 'rat-free'. The Guardian 13 Feb 2016

WORLD - TERRESTRIAL Mali's desert elephants face extinction within three years. The Guardian 28 Jan 2016 Rare falcon egg seized from smuggler hatches and is returned to wild in Chile. The Guardian 28 Jan 2016 Scientists warn of last chance to rid Madagascar of invasive toxic toad. The Guardian 2 Feb 2016 'Wrong type of trees' in Europe increased global warming. BBC Environment 5 Feb 2016 Spanish water rights fight raises fears for Ebro delta. BBC Environment 8 Feb 2016 Swarm of moths blanket Queensland town of Winton. The Guardian 10 Feb 2016 Should we wipe mosquitoes off the face of the Earth? The Guardian 10 Feb 2016 150,000 penguins killed after colossal iceberg in Antarctica leaves colony landlocked. The Independent 13 Feb 2016 Penguins presumed dead after disappearing in Antarctica may have just moved on. The Independent 23 Feb 2016 Extinct plant species discovered in amber. BBC Environment 15 Feb 2016 Australia's marsupial lions 'dropped from trees' to attack prey, study finds. The Guardian 16 Feb 2016 Stop armed militia to save rare 'forest giraffe', conservationists warn. The Guardian Wildlife 18 Feb 2016 Snake island: Massachusetts to establish colony of venomous rattlesnakes. The Guardian 23 Feb 2016

WORLD - AQUATIC Lab-grown coral successfully breeds in the wild for the first time ever. The Independent 2 Feb 2016 Shark attack hit record high in 2015, global tally shows. The Guardian 9 Feb 2016 Beautiful and incredibly rare baby albino sea turtle photographed making its way to sea. The Telegraph 9 Feb 2016 Piranha attacks on swimmers in Brazil leave over 50 people injured as droughts force the lethal predators to migrate to deeper waters. The Independent 16 Feb 2016 Underwater photographer of the year 2016 winners - in pictures. The Guardian 17 Feb 2016 Warmer seas linked to disease epidemics affecting Pacific starfish and Atlantic lobster. The Independent 21 Feb 2016 Devastating global coral bleaching event could hit Great Barrier Reef next. The Guardian 23 Feb 2016

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