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 A collection of interesting biodiversity news from September & October (28/10/15) Conservationists step up anti-fox effort after attack on Sydney penguin colony. The Guardian 2 Sep 2015 Eight-foot shark caught off Sunderland. The Telegraph 2 Sep 2015 Blue whale caught on camera in English waters 'for the first time'. The Guardian 2 Sep 2015 Earth's trees number 'three trillion'. BBC Environment 3 Sep 2015 Tasmanian devils thrown a lifeline by facial tumour that threatens them. The Guardian 3 Sep 2015 Palestine mountain gazelle now endangered, say scientists. The Guardian 4 Sep 2015 Sick bees sniff out plant medicine. The Telegraph 4 Sep 2015 Starfish that devastates the Great Barrier Reef to be hunted by 'Terminator-style' robot. The Independent 7 Sep 2015 Human activity 'driving half of world's crocodile species to extinction'. The Guardian 8 Sep 2015 Europe strengthens ban on seal products after WTO challenge. The Guardian 8 Sep 2015 Hawks protect hummingbirds against predators. The Telegraph 8 Sep 2015 Snake bite crisis: Withdrawal of anti-venom by producer puts tens of thousands of lives at risk - all because it's not profitable. The Independent 8 Sep 2015 Whale calf found dead after colliding with a tugboat in Queensland coal port. The Guardian 9 Sep 2015 Threatened wallaby species gets a lifeline thanks to Indigenous rangers. The Guardian 9 Sep 2015 Cane toad sausages on menu in attempt to save Kimberley's northern quolls. The Guardian 10 Sep 2015 Red squirrel 'safe haven' under threat from greys. The Telegraph 11 Sep 2015 Bats perform 'vital pest control' on crops. BBC Environment 14 Sep 2015 Marine population halved since 1970- report. BBC Environment 16 Sep 2015 Yet another deadly snake species discovered in Australia. The Guardian 16 Sep 2015 Butterflies steal DNA of zombie wasps in natural genetic modification. The Telegraph 17 Sep 2015 Bald ibis chicks shipped to SPain. BBC Environment 18 Sep 2015 In north-west Pakistan, big cats are more feared than global terrorists. The Guardian 19 Sep 2015 Great crested newts will no longer block housing. The Telegraph 20 Sep 2015 Sumatran rhinos likely to become extinct, warm environment experts. The Guardian 22 Sep 2015 After 60 million years of extreme living, seabirds are crashing. The Guardian 22 Sep 2015 Rare wallabies spotted in Western Australia national park for first time in 20 years. The Guardian 23 Sep 2015 North Sea cod back on the menu, marine body says. BBC News 25 Sep 2015 World's smallest snail discovered in China. The Guardian 28 Sep 2015 UK team germinates critically endangered Japanese birch. BBC Environment 29 Sep 2015 Welsh adventurer to traverse Madagascar on foot for lemurs. The Guardian 29 Sep 2015 New Zealand to create giant marine sanctuary. The Telegraph 29 Sep 2015 Plastic in fish highlights need for cleaner Thames. BBC Environment 30 Sep 2015 Global swarming: invasion of the daddy long-legs on the way thanks to Britain's warmer weather. The Telegraph 1 Oct 2015 Newly discovered mammal species survived dinosaur extinction. BBC Environment 5 oct 2015 Sneezing monkey and walking fish among new species discovered in Himalayas. The Guardian 5 Oct 2015 Wild Mammals 'have returned' to Chernobyl. BBC Environment 5 Oct 2015 New species of 'hog-nosed' rat discovered in Indonesia. The Guardian 6 Oct 2015 Quenda quest: volunteers take stock of Perth's 'lovely' backyard marsupials. The Guardian 6 Oct 2015 Maltese falcon makes a comeback. The Guardian 6 Oct 2015 World's oceans facing biggest coral die-off in history, scientists warn. The Guardian 8 Oct 2015 Britain faces longest winter in 50 years after earliest ever arrival of Siberian swan. The Telegraph 12 Oct 2015 NHS should spend millions on nature-for-health plan, say wildlife groups. The Guardian 13 Oct 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Warring foxes take prize. BBC Environment 13 Oct 2015 Spring coming earlier in US because of climate change, scientists say. The Guardian 14 Oct 2015 Bodies of dozens of elephants found poisoned in Zimbabwe. The Guardian 14 Oct 2015 Scientist under attack after he kills bird that took decades to find. The Guardian 17 Oct 2015 New species of wasp discovered in England. The Guardian 21 Oct 2015 New species of giant tortoise discovered in Galapagos. BBC News 22 Oct 2015

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 Norfolk's Wildlife Statistics Revealed

 The natural environment is one of Norfolk's key assets, with outstanding landscapes and rich biodiversity.
A new report from NBIS summarises the current 'State of the Natural Environment', showcasing the county's current vital statistics on habitats, species and protected sites.
Did you know that over 15,000 different species have been recorded in Norfolk, or that 15% of these are rarities? Or ever wondered how much saltmarsh* there is in Norfolk, how many beetle** species have been recorded, or what rarities*** have turned up recently? If so, this is the place to look to find the answers and many other fascinating and important statistics about Norfolk's natural environment.

Lizzy Oddy, Assistant Biodiversity Information Officer with NBIS who has authored the report said "The NBIS database is a rich resource for information on Norfolk's wildlife with a staggering 2.5 million records. Our new report presents the information in a digestible format which we hope will encourage even greater interest in the natural environment and inspire people to help us with wildlife recording".

The information is also an important 'baseline' against which future changes in Norfolk's wildlife can be monitored.

Read the report here

* area of saltmarsh in Norfolk = 4101.94ha
** number of beetle species recorded in Norfolk = 2627
*** recent rarities = scarce tortoiseshell butterfly; weedy frillwort (a liverwort); Gloephyllum abietinum (fungus); northern Rowan pigmy (a moth); Formica cunicularia (an ant); Andricus gemmeus (gall wasp)

A further report has also been produced highlighting the work of the Biodiversity Team at Norfolk County Council in 2014-15. The Biodiversity Team comprises Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS), Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership and Norfolk Non-native Species Initiative. Read the report here

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