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A collection of interesting biodiversity news from September (01/10/17)



Northern lights linked to North sea whale strandings                      

UK coast haven for 200,000 seabirds becomes marine special protected area


Breckland roost at Cavenham Heath is a rare chance to see the secretive stone-curlew with RSPB and Natural England                                                                

Conservation charity to run free events celebrating Norfolk’s natural wildlife

Suffolk farmer delighted after scooping FWAG Silver Lapwing award

World's first as endangered Bermudian Skink hatch at Chester Zoo

Out for the count: an evening vigil with bat conservationists

The night heron: at home on the Somerset Levels

Plucky duck: highest-flying fowl's Himalayan exploits revealed

Colombia faces challenge to build peace without sacrificing its famed biodiversity

Greater gliders: fears of 'catastrophic' consequences from logging in Victoria

Panda's habitat 'shrinking and becoming more fragmented'          

Let bee-friendly bulbs transform your spring

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A collection of interesting biodiversity news from August (01/09/17)

Seals going swimmingly in the greater Thames estuary
Review: Talk with BBC Planet Earth II producer Chadden Hunter
Heighham Holmes nature reserve near Martham to hold open day and snail racing
Third sighting of elusive Purple Emperor butterfly in north Norfolk
Norfolk cuckoos play valuable role in satellite tracking project
Sally, the BBC Autumnwatch harrier has been illegally killed, RSPB fear
Wader spectacle gets under way at Snettisham in Norfolk
This parrot is on the edge, but there’s hope it won’t be an ‘ex’
Cricket's summer song making a comeback
Colonies expand for the treetop emperor
Viewpoint: Is there such a thing as 'flying ant day'?
Red Admiral spotting: desperately seeking a British butterfly revival
Flowers to bring a buzz to the garden
Ditch the fuchsia to boost British wildlife, says Royal Horticultural Society
Ken Thompson: Plants for Bugs is good for everyone
What's really the point of wasps?
Bat conservation is open to everyone, even city nature-phobes
Pollination threatened by artificial light
Penguin feathers record migration route
Scientists split over snow leopard status
Large non-native species like donkeys can boost biodiversity
Pollination threatened by artificial light
Penguin feathers record migration route
Rare Canadian oriole to fly thousands of miles back home – on passenger jet