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The July E-Bulletin ("Biodiversity News in Norfolk"): available to DOWNLOAD NOW (27/07/16)

Download and read no. 56 here. 


A collection of interesting biodiversity news from July (27/07/16)


Whale and winghead sharks move step closer to extinction 

Australia's vast kelp forests devastated by marine heatwave, study reveals

Massive mangrove die-off on Gulf of Carpentaria worst in the world, says expert

UN: Global fish consumption per capita hits record high

Vietnam blames toxic waste water from steel plant for mass fish deaths

Increasing ocean acidity could impact fish spawning


Trees rely on a range of strategies to hunt for nutrient hot spots

Why do islands give rise to such unusual creatures?

Scientists warn of 'unsafe' decline in biodiversity

GPS tags reveal the secret life of urban gulls

'Three centuries' to catalogue all Amazon tree species

African wildlife officials appalled as EU opposes a total ban on ivory trade

US army veteran rescues bald eagle trapped in a tree

Tim the Kenyan elephant seeks out human help after being hurt by spear

Japanese knotweed panic spread by council websites is causing gardeners to break the law

Your chance to sponsor a satellite-tagged study cuckoo - for £3,000

How did things get so bad for hedgehogs? Here's how to save them

How is the unpredictable weather affecting our wildlife?

2016 could be worst year on record for British butterflies, experts warn

Dragonflies, ladybirds and sloe gin under threat from soggy British summer

 Hottest ever June marks 14th month of record-breaking temperatures

 The June E-Bulletin ("Biodiversity News in Norfolk"): available to DOWNLOAD NOW (01/07/16)

Download and read no. 55 here. 


 A collection of interesting biodiversity news from June (01/07/16)

 MARINE Secrets of killer whale evolution revealed by genetic study. The Guardian 31 May 2016 Bleaching 'devastates' Chagos Marine Reserve. BBC Environment 7 Jun 2016 'Bright spots' offer fresh hope for survival of coral reefs. The Guardian 15 Jun 2016 Poisonous tropical lionfish could be spreading through Mediterranean The Guardian 21 Jun 2016 Cattle station purchase 'fantastic' for Great Barrier Reef, green groups say. The Guardian 22 Jun 2016 New York's whales to be studied for the first time. The Guardian 28 Jun 2016

TERRESTRIAL - UK Overweight hedgehog who gorged on dog biscuits just one of many at risk from overfeeding. The Telegraph 26 May 2016 Street lights lure moths away from gardens, say scientists. The Guardian 2 Jun 2016 Hedgehogs continue to disappear from British gardens, wildlife survey shows. The Guardian 14 Jun 2016 Endangered sandpipers lay eggs in captivity for the first time. The Guardian 14 Jun 2016 Rare moth faces extinction at its last site in England. The Guardian 23 Jun 2016 Spring spreading more slowly across UK in 2016 - Woodland Trust. The Guardian 27 Jun 2016 How the dormouse is returning to England's hedgerows after 100 years. The Guardian 26 Jun 2016 BTO study shows why northern wrens trump their southern cousins in UK winters. EDP 29 Jun 2016 UK light pollution 'causing spring to come a week earlier'. The Guardian 29 Jun 2016

TERRESTRIAL - WORLD New boa constrictor species discovered on remote Caribbean island. The Guardian 27 May 2016 'There will be birds': Meet Noah Strycker, the world's greatest birdwatcher. The Independent 27 May 2016 Tigers seized from Thailand temple over wildlife trafficking claim. The Guardian 30 May 2016 Peacock spiders: scientist finds seven new species of 'fairly cute' creatures. The Guardian 30 May 2016 Experts 're-assess' giant panda as China predicts it will no longer be considered 'endangered'. The Telegraph 31 May 2016 Down to 60: scientists mull risky captive breeding for panda porpoise. The Guardian 8 Jun 2016 Revealed: first mammal species wiped out by human-induced climate change. The Guardian 14 Jun 2016 EU to investigate Poland over logging in ancient forest. The Guardian 16 Jun 2016 Rare leopards returning to Russian mountains at mercy of Kremlin split. The Telegraph 17 Jun 2016 Saiga antelope numbers rise after mass die-off. The Guardian 20 Jun 2016 Mass elephant relocation could save populations in parts of Africa. The Guardian 20 Jun 2016 Maldives urges rich countries to rapidly ratify Paris climate agreement. The Guardian 21 Jun 2016 Leopard's killing of rare African penguins sparks conservation debate. The Guardian 22 Jun 2016 Good news for Goodfellow's as Perth zoo breeds rare roo. The Guardian 23 Jun 2016 Frog rescue: Last hope for endangered amphibian. BBC News 23 Jun 2016 Entire islands disappear as violent gangs steal sand amid global shortage. The Independent 23 Jun 2016 Cecil the lion's legacy: death brings new hope for his grandcubs. The Guardian 28 Jun 2016

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