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A collection of interesting biodiversity news from April (10/05/17)


Can you count how many seals are on Scroby Sands off Great Yarmouth in this photograph?

Seals released back to the wild at Sutton Bridge, after being reared at RSPCA Norfolk Wildlife Hospital near King’s Lynn

May the tides be with you - Star Wars seals released back into the wild in Hunstanton


Moths threaten fabric of England's most historic properties

Access to nature reduces depression and obesity, finds European study

Rare footage of a curious bittern at Norfolk nature reserve

RSPB appeals for volunteers to help save little terns

Robber fly: Hunting secrets of a tiny predator revealed

Invasive snakes threaten forests on Pacific island of Guam

Spiders top the global predator charts

Fiddler crab’s drumming shows off the size of its home

Elephants in dramatic muddy escape

Deep learning tells giraffes from gazelles in the Serengeti

Live, long and black giant shipworm found in Philippines

'Perfect storm' threatens Europe's salamanders

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A collection of interesting biodiversity news from February (09/03/17)

Banned chemicals persist in deep ocean
Deep-sea squid points a big, bulging eye up and a tiny eye down
Underwater meadows that protect humans from deadly bacteria in alarming global decline

Bat hibernation: Scottish quest to solve puzzle 
Wet summer means less sparrowhawks, say Norfolk conservationists
Why are the geese on a pond in King’s Lynn turning white?
Norfolk’s area of outstanding natural beauty
Naica's crystal caves hold long-dormant life
Mysteries of elephant sleep revealed
Bumblebees can tell who visited flowers by smelly footprints
Winter migration of monarch butterflies to Mexico drops after one-year recovery
Plant keeps moths captive inside its fruits for almost a year
Orangutan squeaks reveal language evolution, says study
Why grey wolves kill less prey when brown bears are around
Seeds offer clue to domesticated plants' larger size
Huge otter fossil, millions of years old, discovered in China
How birds of a feather evolved together
Bison return to Banff national park in Canada
Endangered antelope 'may be wiped out'